Ingredient note – Scent of Roses

Scent of Roses

Scent of Roses

In dream interpretation, Rose is believed to represent your love/sexual desire. White roses represent love and affection. The stronger and deeper the colour gets, the more you feel lust and passion. In the morning if you happen to remember the smell of roses, your desires are said to come true! In the real world, the scent of roses gives you the feeling of being “loved and cared for”. Its comforting and opulent fragrance touches your soul. Rose aroma is widely regarded as feminine, but my perfumery teacher would say that he would consider rose essence is one of the very few floral essences suitable for male blends because of its “rawness”. When you smell rose blossom, you can tell it’s not all powdery and floral. You can detect some green or sour undertone. This, in my opinion, makes rose fragrant complex and complete.

Ingredient note – Entice with Rose

Enticing scent of roses

Enticing scent of roses

Needless to say Rose is one of the most celebrated of flowers – for its scent and beauty. The flowers and its scent have always featured in legends, myths, magic, and of course in perfume and beauty preparations across the world for centuries. Rose is probably the most widely used flower in the art of seduction. From Cleopatra enticing Mark Antony on a bed of rose petals to modern day men proposing with a bunch of roses. Unfortunately beautiful roses from the florist (or garage) often don’t contain a scent these days as they seem to concentrate on their looks rather than their fragrance. Nonetheless receiving roses lifts the heart. In the next blog, we are talking about the scent of roses and its appeal.


Kuwait TV Interview

Recently Mika was invited to participate in a programme featuring entrepreneurs on Kuwait TV, which we were very excited about because it was Mika’s first TV appearance. We discussed the idea behind IZUMI skincare, which we have also talked about in our website and blog in various aspects – enjoying your life through your senses of smell and touch. And we explained where the design concept of the logo and packaging came from, and the reason why we are inspired by Art Deco. It is a 10 minutes interview and it is available to view on YouTube. Look out for Mika’s dress with a beautiful kimono collar!


Washi wrapping paper – exquisite Japanese craft

IZUMI Scented Candle beautifully wrapped in “Washi”

IZUMI Scented Candle beautifully wrapped in “Washi”

Our IZUMI scented candles are beautifully wrapped in “Washi”, a delicate yet strong Japanese paper, as we feel that its delicacy and sensuality perfectly matches our philosophy. Incidentally Washi is listed as an intangible cultural heritage object by UNESCO. But please remove the wrapping paper from the candle before you light it for the obvious reason. Also please note that this paper is subject to availability so we cannot guaranty that your IZUMI scented candle will be wrapped in this handmade traditional paper.


A lid keeps your scented candles sexy and scented

IZUMI Scented Candle comes with a lid

IZUMI Scented Candle comes with a lid

IZUMI scented candles come with a stylish silver colour lid. This isn’t only for aesthetically pleasing reasons, the lid can also be used in numerous practical ways. Firstly, keeping the lid on will retain the scent. When the candle is lit, you can use the lid as a base protecting your surfaces. Other advantages of having a lid are that after extinguishing the flame, you can hide the unattractive burnt wick, in addition preventing any unsightly dust from settling in the warm wax, which is difficult to remove. Just to say how important these actions are, they were mentioned in the Japanese classic list of observations “the Pillow Book”, written by Sei Shōnagon over 1,000 years ago.


Soy wax – Eco friendly and more


IZUMI Scented Candle made with Eco friendly Soy wax

Eco friendly Soy wax

At IZUMI we use Soy Wax in our scented candles. Soy Wax is made from farmed Soya beans, meaning it is sustainable and renewable. Compared with Petroleum based candle wax, Soy Wax candles burn slowly making it better value for money. Also they have the ability to hold the fragrance for longer which means that you can enjoy the scent for a prolonged period of time. Another advantage of Soy Was is that it also produces a lot less soot, which keeps your room cleaner.

Introducing IZUMI scented candles

IZUMI Scented Candle

We are pleased to introduce our new range – the scented candles in our Evocation and Invocation scents. These delicious home fragrances will transform your everyday living space into a sensuous haven. Evocation Soul Soothing Scented Candle is deeply enticing with iconic Rose, uplifting Citrus and seductive Sandalwood fragrances. Invocation Mind Arousing Scented Candle awakens your senses with opulent scent of Jasmine, comforting Mandarin and blissful Ylang Ylang. Made with 100% natural Soy Wax, essential oils and fragrances, they come with beautiful and practical silver colour lids, and are wrapped in delicate Japanese paper (subject to availability). IZUMI Scented Candles are ideal as a gift for your loved ones as well as to treat yourself.


Sensuous acupressure point in lower leg 2 – Zusanli ST36

Another acupressure point is Zusanli (ST36). This is beneficial for fatigue. Place your hand on the outside of the lower leg, just under the kneecap. The Zusanli is located by your finger nearest the foot just outside the tibia (Shinbone). It is slightly trickier to find this point than the previous one (San Yin Jiao), but it is worth a try as this acupoint is believed to help revitalise your mind and body. You can tell if you have found the spot if your partner tells you that they feel a deep sensation. As you press down count to 3, stay depressed for 7 counts, then release slowly by counting one more to 3. We hope this We hope you find our massage and acupressure tips useful – enjoy exploring!

Sensuous acupressure point in lower leg 1 – San Yin Jiao

Here’s a very effective acupressure point on the lower leg, which is good to include while applying massage. It is called San Yin Jiao (SP6). This point is regarded as one of the most important as 3 meridians form a junction here. It is said that San Yin Jiao is good for women’s conditions such as menstrual pain and menopause problems. It is also beneficial for men as this acupoint is believed to stimulate the reproductive system. San Yin Jiao is an acupressure point which is easily found and it is said that the benefits are felt quickly even if performed by a layperson. It is located 4 fingers up from Talus (the anklebone). To find the point, rest your four fingers on the leg, little finger is at the top of anklebone. At the edge of index finger and just behind the fibula (calf bone), you should be able to locate the point. As you press down count to 5, stay depressed for 7 counts, then release slowly by counting to 5. In our next blog, we will be showing another good acupoint for the lower leg.

A way into sensuality – Sensuous massage 2 – Lower leg how to

In our previous blog, we talked about the benefits of sensuous lower leg massage. Today, we will show you how to give your partner a lower leg massage step by step. First of all, relax and sit opposite your partner and place their foot in your lap. Put about 1 – 2 pumps of massage oil into your palm, and gently rub your palms together warming the oil. Cup your hands around the base of their leg positioning your thumbs on either sides of the Shinbone pointing upward. Your fingers should hold the back of the leg. Apply gentle yet firm pressure with your whole hand and stroke towards the bottom of the knee keeping the pressure constant. Be careful not to go over the bones. When you reach their knee, release the pressure slightly keeping your hands in the same position and perform a downward stroke as if to pull any tension out of your partner’s body. Repeat the process until the muscles feel warm and relaxed. Then continue with the other leg. In the next blog, we will explore important and effective acupressure points in the lower leg area.