Invocation Mind Arousing Room Fragrance

Invocation Mind Arousing Room Fragrance
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Immerse yourself into a sensuous ambience with our luxurious room fragrance infused with the opulent scent of Jasmine, comforting Mandarin and blissful Ylang Ylang. We use natural rattan reeds, with which you can adjust the intensity of the scent by increasing or reducing the number of reeds you immerse at any one time. Invocation Mind Arousing Room Fragrance subtly arouses your mind.

Alcohol free base, fragrance and essentials oils

Last up to 3 months

How to use
Unscrew the silver ring cap and remove the plastic insert. Then replace the cap on the bottle. Immerse the rattan reeds provided into the liquid through the hole in the cap. Place the reed diffuser on a level surface securely. Enjoy

The more reeds you use, the stronger the scent. Use fewer reeds to achieve a more subtle sent. If you would like even more scent, flip the reeds so the saturated ends are exposed. Be careful to protect your hands and surfaces.

Safety warning
Place the diffuser out of reach of children and pets. Reed Diffusers are flammable so always keep away from an naked flame..

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